An Ode to The Perfect Lobby

Usually overlooked and rushed passed, the lobby of any home is one that is typically the most over-looked. This is not the case with the lobbies in any Oben Flats building. 

To us, the lobby in our buildings is an extension of the home. Inspired by top boutique hotels from around the world, a large part of our concentration when building an Oben Flats building goes into how to perfect the lobby. It's meant to be a space where you can entertain, work, meet with friends or take a beat from your crazy day. Above all, it's meant to be an impeccable first impression of the space you live in upon first entering. 

The open concept space is broken into three zones: the entrance where you can access the front door and the elevator, the lounge area and the wet bar. Expertly furnished with pieces from Moroso Italy, enjoy a quiet morning lounging in one of the sling chairs while sipping a complimentary espresso, set up your office for the day at the bar powered by our free wifi to mix your workday up or offer to host your friends' next soiree with confidence.

Aesthetic isn't the only aspects of the lobby that receives attention to detail. To create a warm and welcoming environment we worked closely with Nose Knows to develop a custom Oben Flats scent that is lightly infused in the air. Finding the perfect balance to ensure this scent isn't over-bearing or inconsistent, this touch of elegance leaves you with a familiar feeling of relaxation and familiarity. And finally, to complement the visuals, aroma and comfort of our space, a collaboration between Oben Flats and DJ Bello Sound can be heard throughout the lobby and other common areas to truly fulfil one's senses.

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