How to Downsize from a House to Flat

Are you planning on downsizing from a home to a flat? It can be tough deciding what stuff to part ways with and what to keep. Downsizing, for whatever reason, can be an emotional experience. With a little time, patience and effort you can downsize from a house to a flat relatively painlessly. Here are our 3 expert tips for downsizing:

Take Inventory

Start by documenting your belongings room by room. Try setting up a spreadsheet or making a simple list with a keep or discard column. Whichever option you choose, make sure you have a backup copy filed. Many people like to set up an outbox to put items in before they discard anything as a way to evaluate their emotional attachment to a particular item. Taking inventory also helps when it is time to hire a mover as everything will be accounted for in your estimate.

Avoid Duplication

If you are moving in with someone or have lived in a house for a long time, chances are you have multiples of things you don’t need to have multiples of. Be strict with your evaluation of your belongs. Don’t throw out anything you truly love but there’s no reason to have multiple sets of dishes or kitchen gadgets if you never host dinner parties.

Reference the Floorplans

One way to make your move easier is to reference the floorplans of your new flat. Find out beforehand if your furniture will fit or order new furniture that is sure to fit. Downsizing from a house can be stressful but by refering to the floorplans of your new home you can eliminate any unnecessary stress and uncertainty.

With some thoughtful decluttering and storage planning, downsizing from a house to a flat doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Embrace decluttering with an air of excitement, as your begin a new chapter in your flat.