How to Live Clutter Free

Combating clutter can be an overwhelming task that seemingly never ends. Luckily, we’re here to help you learn how to live clutter free with three easy tips! By proactively tackling the main causes of your cluttered flat, you can eliminate the need for any big purging sessions. Going clutter free doesn’t have to be difficult, daunting or stressful. Go clutter free today!

Put things away

First things first, put things away. Train or retrain yourself, your partner and your kids to put things in their place as quickly as possible. Everything needs a place. Get organized and have a shelf, basket or cupboard for all of your belongings. Be sure to put things away in a spot close to where you regularly use them or need them.

Have a junk drawer

Contrary to popular belief, it is very important to have a junk drawer. Learning how to live clutter free doesn’t mean eliminating clutter altogether. By limiting clutter to one particular area, you are able to stay more organized and take inventory of your belongings more frequently. Editing, purging and tidying is easier when you only have to deal with a single junk drawer or closet.

Go paperless

Give yourself a running at chance at living clutter free and go paperless! When given the option always choose paperless billing. With many cell phone, internet and banking providers now charging for paper billing, it can benefit your wallet to go paperless. Avoid rummaging through a stack of bills and enjoy the freedom of email billing and automatic bill payments.