How to Transform your Balcony

Make the most of your outdoor space and transform your balcony! Even with a conservative budget, a little effort and time will help make your balcony your new personal oasis all summer long. Using outdoor textiles, plants, comfy seating, a playful colour scheme and textured flooring, you can easily transform your balcony with a few essential elements.


If you’re looking for a big bang for your buck, outdoor textiles are the way to go. Make your own cushions and invest in material made specifically for the outdoors to prevent mildew. Outdoor textiles have come a long way. Source placemats, rugs, blankets and other materials to affordably make your outdoor space look luxe.


Exercise that green thumb! From fresh herbs to fragrant flowers, look for plants that will work well on your balcony depending on which direction you face. Vegetables like tomatoes require direct sunlight a south exposure can offer while some plants do better in the shade or afternoon sun. If you know you’ll be away for some of the summer, be sure to buy plants that don’t require daily maintenance.  

Comfy Seating

Say goodbye to hard plastic folding chairs and hello to comfy seating! From cushiony loveseats to loungers and reclined seating, there’s sure to be seating that suits you. Look for storage ottomans, bistro sets and seat cushions to easily transform your balcony from inhospitable to cozy.

Playful Colours

A playful colour palette can upgrade any concrete and glass balcony to even the most discerning designers dream. In Toronto, the warm weather only lasts a few months so be sure to have fun when styling your outdoor space. Play around with traditional earth tones or bright and cheerful summer colours that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.


Trade in the cold concrete flooring for an outdoor rug or wooden floor tiles! Changing the flooring on your balcony can immediately change the look and feel of our outdoor space. Many stores offer easy to assemble interlocking flooring tiles purpose manufactured for balcony spaces. If laying an outdoor rug or faux grass, be sure to make sure it is mold resistant and quick dry.

Always be sure to check with your building’s rules when it comes to upgrading your balcony. Things like railing planters, playful lighting and small barbeques may not align with your building’s regulations. If you’re not sure, contact your property manager before investing in any pieces to transform your outdoor space.