Prep Your Flat for Fall

Getting ready for fall might seem like more of a homeowner task but there are simple things you can do to prep your flat for fall. Get ready for colder weather with by storing your balcony furniture, cycling your closets, deep cleaning and breaking out the doormats. The icy temperatures and sidewalk slush mean warmer clothes, boots and storage options are needed. While you won’t be cleaning leaves out of gutters, there’s plenty to do before the first snowfall.

Store Balcony Furniture

As the mercury drops, it is time to store your balcony furniture. Wash down patio furniture with warm soapy water and be sure to rinse thoroughly. Stack furniture put in your storage locker or closet. Empty any planters or pots for the winter season and store them inside to avoid cracking with the freezing temperature.

Cycle Closets

Say goodbye to summer and hello to sweater weather! Digging around for winter clothing in a sea of tank tops and shorts can be time-consuming. Cycle your closets seasonally to keep your wardrobe on point. Take the time to see if anything needs to be thrown out, donated or repaired. It’s always a good idea to get your winter coat dry-cleaned before the first frost so you’re good to go when colder temperatures hit.

Deep Clean

While we all try to keep tidy with the best of intentions, nothing beats a seasonal deep clean. Wash the baseboards, get in the nooks and crannies and vacuum your air filter. Check the grout in your bathroom for mold, clean and sanitize your oven, microwave, fridge, and dishwasher. Get your cupboard organized and throw out any old or expired items.

Get Doormats

Wet, slushy boots inherently come with winter in Toronto. Get doormats to prevent muck from spreading everywhere. Be sure to check if your doormat will fit under the door. Have a dedicated spot for boots and shoes when you enter your flat as the salt and sand can wreak havoc on floors.